Synthesia AI And Another Ways Your Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Synthesia AI And Another Ways Your Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence
SYNTHESIA –  platform for creating videos with AI avatars and voices

As you can see on the example of the Synthesia Video Generation platform – creativity is the spark that ignites other kinds of intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are directly impacting the fields of marketing, advertising, and copywriting — but not in the way you might expect. AI will not take away our jobs; it will open up new opportunities for us by making our work more efficient and effective. In this article, we’ll explain how AI can help your writing team become more productive, discover new insights about your audience, and optimize your content strategy. Keep reading to learn more about the value AI can bring to your writing processes.

Synthesia.ioVideo Generation platform

Using the web-based Synthesia programme, you can make a video using an AI avatar and voice in nearly any language. Synthesia use this system to create mass media content in order to educate and train their employees, 80% faster than previously. Synthesia is simple, straightforward, and does not require any prior knowledge of video production. With Synthesia, anyone on your team can produce a professional video from the outset. See examples and scenarios here.

AI will help your content team discover and create more content

If your marketing team is manually creating content, you may be missing out on finding more relevant articles to repurpose. If your team is manually curating content, you’re losing out on discovering data-driven insights to inform future content marketing decisions. With AI, your team can use natural language processing (NLP) to scan your existing content library and discover new content to repurpose. AI can also help you discover data-driven insights to inform future marketing decisions, such as which channels are bringing in the most leads. One way AI can do this is by scanning your social media content for engagement to find the topics that are resonating the most with your audience. AI can also help you repurpose your best-performing content to expand your reach.

AI will make your copywriting more effective

There are many ways AI is being used for copywriting, such as creating more personalized content and generating ideas through machine learning. One way AI can help boost the effectiveness of your copywriting is by creating personalized content. You can use natural language generation (NLG) to generate personalized articles based on the user’s interests and the information in their profile. While this may sound like it’s taking away your writers’ creative freedom, it’s actually giving them more time to focus on the things that really matter. AI is also being used to generate ideas for topics based on trending data and information about your audience. This allows your copywriters to focus on the creative process and come up with more diverse ideas that appeal to a broader audience.

AI will help you understand your audience better

Marketers have always wanted to know more about their target audience, but traditional market research isn’t scalable. In other words, it’s time-consuming, expensive, and often inaccurate. However, AI has the potential to solve these problems, making your audience insights more accurate, relevant, and scalable. One way AI can help improve audience insights is by taking customer surveys and turning the data into insights. By gathering feedback from your customers, you can make data-driven decisions that improve your customer experience, increase customer retention rates, and help you stay competitive in your industry.

AI will help you optimize your content-marketing strategy

Marketers have been using AI to optimize their content-marketing strategies for years, but it’s just now making its way into the copywriting process. One way AI can help optimize your strategy is by discovering insights about your audience and optimizing for maximum reach. By gathering data about your audience and content, AI can help you discover insights about your audience, such as the types of content they like to consume, the times they engage with your brand, and the language they use when talking about their pain points. Once you’ve identified these insights, you can use AI to optimize your content strategy for maximum reach by targeting your most engaged audiences with the right content at the right time.



Artificial intelligence is transforming more industries than ever before, and the marketing and advertising industries are no exception. In fact, AI can bring many benefits to the table. AI will not take away our jobs; it will open up new opportunities for us by making our work more efficient and effective. With AI in the picture, we can expect to see better customer experiences and increased customer retention rates.

p.s the article was written in its entirety by AI too by Writesonic.:-)